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Sublimation. Better.


In the past, teams and organizations had to purchase stock t-shirts (never knowing availability) and having those tees screen-printed, numbers heat pressed on back, and calling them jerseys.


Then came Sublimation. GameOn was one of the very first companies to incoporate Sublimation into our product offerings in 1995. But the end-product wasn't good enough or durable enough to offer to our customers as sports uniforms.


And then GameOn developed



  • Enhanced Durability: G-Fusion offers improvements in the durability over normal sublimation. This includes better resistance to wear, abrasion, & fading over time compared to traditional sublimation processes.
  • Increased Color Vibrancy: Advanced sublimation techniques result in even more vibrant and saturated colors. This is achieved through innovations in ink formulations & printing processes that enhance the color quality of the final product.

  • Innovative Materials: G-Fusion uses novel materials & fabric blends that contribute to improved performance & comfort over regular sublimated products.

  • Improved Production Efficiency: G-Fusion has established advancements in the production process, leading to increased efficiency, reduced production times, & cost savings compared to regular sublimation techniques.